Publications in 2020

  • Bernis ME and Tamgüney G 
    Bioluminescence imaging of neuroinflammation in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease 
    Methods Mol Biol 2081, 147-159 (2020)  
  • Dobner J, Simons IM, Rufinatscha K, Hänsch S, Schwarten M, Weiergräber OH, Abdollahzadeh I, Gensch T, Bode JG, Hoffmann S, Willbold D. 
    Deficiency of GABARAP but Not Its Paralogs Causes Enhanced EGF-induced EGFR Degradation 
    Cells 9, 1296 (2020)  
  • Kutzsche J, Jürgens D, Willuweit A, Adermann K, Fuchs C, Simons S, Windisch M, Hümpel M, Rossberg W, Wolzt M, Willbold D. 
    Safety and Pharmacokinetics of the Orally Available Antiprionic Compound PRI-002: A Single and Multiple Ascending Dose Phase I Study 
    Alzheimers Dement (N Y) , 20;6(1):e12001 (2020)  
  • Matoušek J, Steinbachová L, Záveská Drábková L, Kocábek T, Potěšil D, Mishra KA, Honys D, Steger G 
    Elimination of Viroids from Tobacco Pollen Involves a Decrease in Propagation Rate and an Increase of the Degradation Processes 
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21, 3029 (2020)  
    Special Issue "Molecular Mechanisms of Viroids and Viroid Diseases" 
  • Rosenbach H, Victor J, Borggräfe J, Biehl R, Steger G, Etzkorn M, Span I. 
    Expanding crystallization tools for nucleic acid complexes using U1A protein variants 
    Journal of Structural Biology 210, 107480 (2020)  
  • Rosenbach H, Victor J, Etzkorn M, Steger G, Riesner D, Span I 
    Molecular Features and Metal Ions that Influence 10-23 DNAzyme Activity 
    Molecules 25, 3100 (2020)  
    Special Issue "Advances in Catalytic DNA" 
  • Sanwald JL, Poschmann G, Stühler K, Behrends C, Hoffmanns S, Willbold D. 
    The GABARAP Co-Secretome Identified by APEX2-GABARAP Proximity Labelling of Extracellular Vesicles 
    Cells 9, 1468 (2020)  
  • Stadler AM, Granzin J, Cousin A, Batra-Safferling R. 
    Phosphorylated peptide of G protein-coupled receptor induces dimerization in activated arrestin. 
    Scientific Reports 10, 10938 (2020)  
  • Viegas A, Dollinger P, Verma N, Kubiak J, Viennet T, Seidel CAM, Gohlke H, Etzkorn M, Kovacic F, Jaeger KE 
    Structural and dynamic insights revealing how lipase binding domain MD1 of Pseudomonas aeruginosa foldase affects lipase activation  
    Sci Rep 10, 3578 (2020)  
  • Viegas A, Yin DM, Borggräfe J, Viennet T, Falke M, Schmitz A, Famulok M, Etzkorn M 
    Molecular Architecture of a Network of Potential Intracellular EGFR Modulators: ARNO, CaM, Phospholipids, and the Juxtamembrane Segment 
    Structure 28, 1-9 (2020)  
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