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Analytical Ultracentrifugation

The technique of analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) was developed by Svedberg and Lysholm in 1927. Molecular weight, shape and stoichiometry of macromolecules and macromolecular complexes can be determined by AUC. AUC is an absolute method that does not require any reference or standard. Though methods like gel electrophoresis or size exclusion chromatography replaced part of the applications of AUC, nowadays AUC experiences a renaissance based on the need for information about the oligomeric state or conformation of proteins under physiological conditions, which cannot be retrieved from the knowledge of the amino acid sequence of the single polypeptide chain alone. Additionally the utilisation of computer aided data acquisition and data evaluation disclosed new perspectives in the amount of information that can be retrieved from analytical ultracentrifugation experiments.

The method offers the opportunity to retrieve structural information about biological macromolecules in solution for a broad concentration range and under a wide variety of solvent conditions. The hydrodynamic behaviour of macromolecules under the influence of centrifugal forces is determined by their molecular size and molecular shape and the physical and chemical properties of the solvent.

Three ways to use the AUC:

  1. Sedimentation velocity centrifugation or moving boundary sedimentation is utilized to determine sedimentation coefficients or sedimentation coefficient distributions by observation of the particle behaviour during the sedimentation process. Under the influence of the applied centrifugational field in an initially uniformly filled sample cell a boundary is formed between an area depleted of the sedimenting molecules near the rotor axis and the remaining solution. The motion of this boundary over time is a measure for the velocity of the sedimenting molecules. From the sedimentation velocity molecular properties like size and shape of a particle can be infered.
  2. Sedimentation equilibrium centrifugation is utilized to determine the molecular weight of a molecule or a molecular complex. By prolonged centrifugation, which leads to the establishment of an equilibrium between sedimentation and back diffusion of the particles, a time-independent concentration profile is obtained from which the molecular weight can be extracted. AUC is an absolute method regarding the molecular weight determination; no calibration with compounds of known molecular weights is needed.
  3. Density gradient centrifugation in the analytical ultracentrifuge was once used by Meselson and Stahl to support their hypothesis about the semiconservative replication of DNA. Self-forming gradient materials, such as cesium chloride or cesium sulfate are used to establish a density gradient during centrifugation, while at the same time initially equally distributed sample molecules will form a band at the radial position where their density matches the solution density.


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    [This article was evaluated by the faculty of 1000 Biology as a "must read"]  
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