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Viroids are circular, single-stranded, non-coding RNAs that are able to infect certain plants. Because viroids do not code for any peptide or protein, they have to utilize proteins of the host for most biological functions like replication, processing or transport. Therefore, viroids can be regarded as minimal parasites of the host machinery. To do so, viroids have to present to the host machinery the appropriate signals that have to be based either on the sequence or the structure of viroid RNA.

Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) is the type member of the viroid family Pospiviroidae. The replication cycle of PSTVd is an asymmetric "rolling circle" mechanism (see figure to the left). Under native conditions the mature circular, (+)-stranded viroid has a rod-like secondary structure consisting of short helices and loops (top in the figure). This structure makes it partially resistant against nucleases. The circular, single-stranded (+)-RNA is transcribed by the DNA-dependent RNA polymerase II (polII) of the host plant into an oligomeric (-)-strand (right in the figure). During transcription the (-)-RNA folds into a thermodynamically metastable conformation containing hairpin II (HPII), which is critical for the transcription of (-)-stranded oligomers by polII into oligomeric (+)-strands (bottom in the figure). The (+)-oligomers---5' and 3' ends are marked in blue in the figure---are processed by host enzymes at a unique structural element, which contains thermodynamically extra-stable tetraloops (tl) and a G:U base pair (red arrow), to monomers and ligated to circles.

The mature PSTVd is thought to be responsible for intracellular and systemic transport. PSTVd strains differing in the left part of the rod-like secondary structure (pathogenicity-modulating region; PM) by only a few mutations produce symptoms in the host ranging from mild to "lethal". The figure shows tomato plants of identical age and duration of PSTVd infection: the first is non-inoculated (mock), the others are inoculated with a mild (QFA), an intermediate, and a strong (AS1) symptoms producing PSTVd strain. Besides the standard stunted habitus of PSTVd-infected tomato plants, PSTVd-AS1 shows symptoms up to necrosis of stem and leaves.

The molecular mechanism of viroid-induced pathogenesis is not clarified until now. A recent pathogenicity model favors the hypothesis that viroids are the source for production of "silencing" or microRNAs (siRNAs or miRNAs with a length of 21--24 nt). These are able to interact in gene regulation of the host for example by post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS).

The analysis of PSTVd-induced siRNAs and their connection to pathogenicity is at present supported by a common grant from the undefinedAlexander von Humboldt Foundation to G. Steger and J. Matoušek (undefinedBiology Centre, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) and from the Graduate School undefinedE-Norm in the project undefined"Viroid evolution and viroid-induced pathogenesis networks in host plants". G. Steger and J. Matoušek organized the undefined"International Conference on Viroids and Viroid-like RNA" (2015).


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