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Team AG König

Dr. Julian M. Glück (alumni)

Ligand interaction analysis of membrane-anchored proteins (Doctoral thesis 2010)

Dr. Yu-Fu Hung (alumni)

Biophysical characterization of the N-terminal region of Dengue virus NS4A protein (Doctoral thesis 2013)

PD Dr. Bernd König

Dr. Laura Kukuk (alumni)

High resolution structure of the SAM domain homodimer of the murine adapter protein SLY1 (Doctoral thesis 2018)

Dr. Claas Roes (alumni)

Strukturelle Untersuchung der Interaktion des humanen BST2 mit dem HIV-1 Virus-Protein-U (Doctoral thesis 2015)

Dr. Sameer Singh (alumni)

Characterisation of HIV accessory protein interactions using NMR and microscale thermophoresis (Doctoral thesis 2012)

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