Team Hoffmann

Exploring how viruses subvert host cell processes

Virus-caused diseases are a major threat to public health. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) affect 34 million and 150 million people worldwide. Dengue fever, causes by the mosquito-transmitted dengue virus (DENV), is currently the world's fastest-spreading tropical disease, with currently 390 million infections worldwide. For all three infections, there exist no vaccination and no effective cure.

We are studying selected virus proteins coded by HIV, HCV and DENV and their interaction with host cell components. Our final goal is to define novel treatment targets to interfere with viral replication and defense against the host immune system. For details visit the Topics web page or go to our Publications.


Visit the Team web pages for more. Here you find the stuff who performed or who are just doing the real work in the lab. Several of them have already collected important results and have meanwhile moved to new destinations.



Melanie Schwarten (ICS-6)

Oliver Weiergräber (ICS-6)

Bernd König (ICS-6)

Thomas Gensch (ICS-4, Superresolution Microscopy)


Bernhard Brutscher (IBS Grenoble)

Heiner Schaal (University Clinic Düsseldorf)

Wolfgang Kaisers (Institute of Mathematics, HHU)

Johannes Bode (University Clinic Düsseldorf)

Ella Sklan (Tel Aviv University)

Tom Melia (Yale University)

Team Leader

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Dr. Silke Hoffmann

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