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  • Etzkorn M 
    Atomare Einblicke in die Dynamik der Membransysteme und der Biokatalyse. 
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  • Rosenbach H, Victor J, Etzkorn M, Steger G, Riesner D, Span I 
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    Special Issue "Advances in Catalytic DNA" 
  • Rösener NS, Gremer L, Wördehoff MM, Kupreichyk T, Etzkorn M, Neudecker P, Hoyer W 
    Clustering of human prion protein and α-synuclein oligomers requires the prion protein Nterminus 
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  • Viennet T, Bungert-Pümke S, Elter S, Viegas A, Fahlke C, Etzkorn M 
    Reconstitution and NMR characterization of the ion-channel accessory subunit barttin in detergents and lipid-bilayer nanodiscs 
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    (selected as inside cover article)  
  • Elter S, Raschle T, Arens S, Viegas A, Gelev V, Etzkorn M, Wagner G 
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    Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis reveals system-wide signaling pathways downstream of SDF-1/CXCR4 in breast cancer stem cells 
    PNAS 111(21), E2182-E2190 (2014) 
    See also PNAS highlight commentary (follow second link) 
  • Etzkorn M, Raschle T, Hagn F, Gelev V, Rice A, Walz T, Wagner G 
    Cell-Free Expressed Bacteriorhodopsin in Different Soluble Membrane Mimetics: Biophysical Properties and NMR Accessibility. 
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  • Hagn F, Etzkorn M, Raschle T, Wagner G 
    Optimized phospholipid bilayer nanodiscs facilitate high-resolution structure determination of membrane proteins 
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    (See also Science Editor's Choice: http://dx.doi.org/10.1126/science.339.6123.1013-a ) 
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    Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Proteins. 
    Top. Curr. Chem. in press, (2013) 
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    Kinetic analysis of protein aggregation monitored by real-time 2D solid-state NMR 
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  • Etzkorn M, Böckmann A, Baldus M 
    Kinetic analysis of protein aggregation monitored by real-time 2D solid-state NMR 
    J. biomol. NMR 49, 121-129 (2011) 
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    (selected as "Article of the month") 
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    (selected as "Cover article") 
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