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Publikationen 2023

  • Abyzov A, Mandelkow E, Zweckstetter M, Rezaei-Ghaleh N 
    Fast Motions Dominate Dynamics of Intrinsically Disordered Tau Protein at High Temperatures 
    Chem Eur J 29, e202203493 (2023) 
  • Altendorf T, Gering I, Santiago-Schübel B, Aghabashlou Saisan S, Tamgüney G, Tusche M, Honold D, Schemmert S, Hoyer W, Mohrlüder J, Willbold D 
    Stabilization of monomeric Tau protein by all D-enantiomeric peptide ligands as therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer's disease and other tauopathies 
    Int J Mol Sci 24, 2161 (2023) 
  • Becker C, Giller K, Sieme D, Rezaei-Ghaleh N 
    Maturation of amyloid ß fibrils alters their molecular stability 
    Phys Chem Chem Phys 25, 15099 - 15103 (2023) 
  • Borggräfe J, Gertzen CGW, Viegas A, Gohlke H, Etzkorn M 
    The architecture of the 10-23 DNAzyme and its implications for DNA-mediated catalysis  
    FEBS Journal 290, 2011-2021 (2023) 
  • Gomes CM, Hoyer W, Luo J 
    Editorial: The biochemistry of amyloids in neurodegenerative diseases, volume II 
    Front Neurosci 17, 1236518 (2023) 
  • Heid LF, Kupreichyk T, Schützmann MP, Schneider W, Stoldt M, Hoyer W 
    Nucleation of α-Synuclein Amyloid Fibrils Induced by Cross-Interaction with β-Hairpin Peptides Derived from Immunoglobulin Light Chains 
    Int J Mol Sci 24, 16132 (2023) 
  • Kutzsche J, Guzman GA, Willuweit A, Kletke O, Wollert E, Gering I, Jürgens D, Breitkreutz J, Stark H, Beck-Sickinge AG, Klöcker N, Hidalgo P, Willbold D. 
    An orally available N-type calcium channel inhibitor for the treatment of neuropathic pain.  
    Br J Pharmacol. , (2023) 
  • Kutzsche J, Schemmert S, Bujnicki T, Zafiu C, Halbgebauer S, Kraemer-Schulien V, Pils M, Blömeke L, Post J, Kulawik A, Jürgens D, Rossberg WM, Hümpel M, Bannach O, Otto M, Araujo JA, Willuweit A, Willbold D. 
    Oral treatment with the all-d-peptide RD2 enhances cognition in aged beagle dogs - A model of sporadic Alzheimer's disease  
    Heliyon 29;9(8):e18443, (2023) 
  • Matoušek J, Wüsthoff KP, Steger G 
    “Pathomorphogenic” Changes Caused by Citrus Bark Cracking Viroid and Transcription Factor TFIIIA-7ZF Variants Support Viroid Propagation in Tobacco 
    Int. J. Mol. Sci. 24, 7790 (2023) 
  • Muschol M, Hoyer W 
    Amyloid oligomers as on-pathway precursors or off-pathway competitors of fibrils 
    Front Mol Biosci 10, 1120416 (2023) 
  • Pils M, Dybala A, Rehn F, Blömeke L, Bujnicki T, Kraemer-Schulien V, Hoyer W, Riesner D, Willbold D, Bannach O 
    Development and implementation of an internal quality control sample to standardize oligomer-based diagnostics of Alzheimer's disease 
    Diagnostics 13, 1702 (2023) 
  • Rezaei-Ghaleh N, Amininasab M, Giller K, Becker S 
    Familial Alzheimer's Disease-Related Mutations Differentially Alter Stability of Amyloid-Beta Aggregates 
    J Phys Chem Lett 14, 1427-1435 (2023) 
  • Schulz CM, Pfitzer A, Hoyer W 
    Fibril core regions in engineered α-synuclein dimer are crucial for blocking of fibril elongation 
    BBA Adv 4, 100110 (2023) 
  • Steger G, Riesner, D 
    Contributions of viroid research to methods for RNA purification, diagnostics, and secondary structure prediction. 
    Fundamentals of viroid biology (Adkar-Purushothama CR, Sano T, Perreault J-P, Yanjarappa SM, Di Serio F, Daròs J.-A, eds) Academic Press, Elsevier , 394–446 (2023) 
  • Steger G, Wüsthoff KP, Matoušek J, Riesner D 
    Viroids: non-coding circular RNAs are tiny pathogens provoking a broad response in host plants. 
    RNA Structure and Function, RNA Technologies 14 (Barciszewski J, ed.) Springer , 295–309 (2023) 
  • Willuweit A, Humpert S, Schöneck M, Endepols H, Burda N, Gremer L, Gering I, Kutzsche J, Shah NJ, Langen KJ, Neumaier B, Willbold D, Drzezga A. 
    Evaluation of the 18F-labeled analog of the therapeutic all-D-enantiomeric peptide RD2 for amyloid β imaging  
    Eur J Pharm Sci 184:106421, (2023) 
  • Wintz K, Post J, Langen K-J, Willbold D, Willuweit A, Kutzsche J 
    Oral Treatment with d-RD2RD2 Impedes Early Disease Mechanisms in SOD1*G93A Transgenic Mice but Does Not Prolong Survival  
    Biomedicines 11(4), 995, (2023)