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  • Agerschou ED, Schützmann MP, Reppert N, Wördehoff MM, Shaykhalishahi H, Buell AK, Hoyer W 
    β-Turn exchanges in the α-synuclein segment 44-TKEG-47 reveal high sequence fidelity requirements of amyloid fibril elongation 
    Biophys. Chem. , (2020) 
  • Agerschou ED, Flagmeier P, Saridaki T, Galvagnion C, Komnig D, Heid L, Prasad V, Shaykhalishahi H, Willbold D, Dobson CM, Voigt A, Falkenburger B, Hoyer W, Buell AK 
    An engineered monomer binding-protein for α-synuclein efficiently inhibits the proliferation of amyloid fibrils 
    eLife 8, e46112 (2019) 
  • Falke M, Victor J, Wördehoff MM, Peduzzo A, Zhang T, Schröder GF, Buell AK, Hoyer W, Etzkorn M 
    α-Synuclein-derived lipoparticles in the study of α-synuclein amyloid fibril formation 
    Chem Phys Lipids 220, 57-65 (2019) 
  • Röder C, Vettore N, Mangels LN, Gremer L, Ravelli RBG, Willbold D, Hoyer W, Buell AK, Schröder GF 
    Atomic structure of PI3-kinase SH3 amyloid fibrils by cryo-electron microscopy 
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  • Viennet T, Wördehoff MW, Uluca B, Poojari C, Shaykhalishahi H, Willbold D, Strodel B, Heise H, Buell AK, Hoyer W, Etzkorn M: 
    Structural insights from lipid-bilayer nanodiscs link α-Synuclein membrane-binding modes to amyloid fibril formation 
    Commun. Biol. 1, 44 (2018) 
  • Dammers C, Schwarten M, Buell AK, Willbold D 
    Pyroglutamate-modified Aβ(3-42) affects aggregation kinetics of Aβ(1-42) by accelerating primary and secondary pathways 
    Chem. Sci. 8, 4996-5004 (2017) 
  • Wördehoff M, Shaykhalishahi H, Groß L, Gremer L, Stoldt M, Buell AK, Willbold D, Hoyer W 
    Opposed effects of dityrosine formation in soluble and aggregated α-synuclein on fibril growth 
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  • Alexander K. Buell 
    The nucleation of protein aggregates – from crystals to fibrils 
    International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology , (2016) 
  • Anđela Šarić, Alexander K. Buell, Georg Meisl, Thomas C. T. Michaels, Sara Linse, Tuomas P. J. Knowles and Daan Frenkel 
    Physical determinants for the self-replication of protein fibrils 
    Nature Physics 12, 874-880 (2016) 
  • Céline Galvagnion, James Brown, Myriam M. Ouberai, Patrick Flagmeier, Michele Vendruscolo, Alexander K. Buell, Emma Sparr and Christopher M. Dobson 
    The chemical properties of lipids strongly affect the rate of the nucleation step in the membrane-induced aggregation of α-synuclein 
    PNAS 113(26), 7065-7070 (2016) 
  • Dorothea Pinotsi, Claire H. Michel, Alexander K. Buell, Christopher M. Dobson, Clemens F. Kaminski, Gabriele S. Kaminski Schierle 
    Nanoscopic insights into seeding mechanisms and toxicity of α-synuclein species in neurons 
    PNAS 113(14), 3815-3819 (2016) 
  • Giulio Costantini, Zoe Budrikis, Alessandro Taloni, Alexander K. Buell, Stefano Zapperi and Caterina A.M. La Porta 
    Fluctuations in protein aggregation: Design of preclinical screening for early diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease 
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  • James Brown, Alexander K. Buell, Thomas C.T. Michaels, Georg Meisl, Jackie Carozza, Patrick Flagmeier, Michele Vendruscolo, Tuomas P.J. Knowles, Christopher M. Dobson, Céline Galvagnion 
    β-synuclein suppresses both the initiation and amplification steps of α-synuclein aggregation via competitive binding 
    Scientific Reports 6, 36010 (2016) 
  • Manuel Wolff, Judith J. Mittag, Therese W. Herling, Erwin De Genst, Christopher M. Dobson, Tuomas P.J. Knowles, Dieter Braun and Alexander K. Buell 
    Quantitative thermophoretic study of disease-related protein aggregates 
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  • Patrick Flagmeier, Georg Meisl, Michele Vendruscolo, Tuomas PJ Knowles, Christopher M. Dobson, Alexander K. Buell and Céline Galvagnion 
    Mutations associated with familial Parkinson’s disease alter the initiation and amplification steps of α-synuclein amyloid formation 
    PNAS 113(37), 10328-10333 (2016) 
  • Thomas O. Mason, Thomas C.T. Michaels, Aviad Levin, Ehud Gazit, Christopher M. Dobson, Alexander K. Buell and Tuomas P. J. Knowles 
    Synthesis of non-equilibrium supra-molecular peptide polymers on a microfluidic platform 
    JACS 138(30), 9589-9596 (2016) 
  • Yingbo Zhang, Alexander K. Buell, Thomas Müller, Erwin De Genst, Justin Benesch, Christopher M. Dobson and Tuomas P. J. Knowles 
    Protein aggregate-ligand binding assays based on microfluidic diffusional separation 
    ChemBioChem 17(20), 1920-1924 (2016) 
  • Céline Galvagnion and Alexander K. Buell 
    Fundamental mechanisms of amyloid fibril formation by alpha-synuclein in Parkinson's disease: quantitative modelling 
    Med Sci (Paris) 31, 597-600 (2015) 
  • Céline Huynen, Nicolas Willet, Alexander K. Buell, Anne-Sophie Duwez, Christine Jerôme and Mireille Dumoulin 
    Influence of the protein context on the polyQ length dependent elongation rate of amyloid fibrils 
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  • Galvagnion C, Buell AK, Meisl G, Michaels TCT, Vendruscolo M, Knowles TPJ and Dobson CM 
    Lipid vesicles trigger α-synuclein aggregation by stimulating primary nucleation. 
    Nat. Chem. Biol. 11, 229-234 (2015) 
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  • Shimanovich U, Efimov I, Mason TO, Flagmeier P, Buell AK, Gedanken A, Dobson CM, Weitz DA and Knowles TPJ 
    Controlled structuring of protein-only amyloid nanofibril networks into 3D microgel particles 
    ACS Nano 9(1), 43-51 (2015) 
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  • Thomas C.T. Michaels, Pernille Yde, Julian C.W. Willis, Mogens H. Jensen, Daniel E. Otzen, Christopher M. Dobson, Alexander K. Buell and Tuomas P.J. Knowles 
    The length distribution of frangible biofilaments 
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  • Alexander K. Buell, Céline Galvagnion, Ricardo Gaspar, Emma Sparr, Michele Vendruscolo, Tuomas P.J. Knowles, Sara Linse and Christopher M. Dobson 
    Solution conditions determine the relative importance of nucleation and growth processes in α-synuclein aggregation 
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  • Alexander K. Buell, Christopher M. Dobson and Tuomas P.J. Knowles 
    The physical chemistry of the amyloid phenomenon - thermodynamics and kinetics of filamentous protein aggregation 
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    Ostwald's rule of stages governs structural transitions and morphological control of a dipeptide supramolecular polymer 
    Nature Communications 5, 5219 (2014) 
  • Dorothea Pinotsi, Alexander K. Buell, Celine Galvagnion, Christopher M. Dobson, Gabriele S. Kaminski Schierle and Clemens F. Kaminski  
    Direct observation of heterogeneous amyloid fibril growth kinetics via two-color super-resolution microscopy 
    Nano Letters 14(1), 339-345 (2014) 
  • Nikolai Lorenzen, Søren Bang Nielsen, Alexander K. Buell, Jørn Døvling Kaspersen, Paolo Arosio, Brian Stougaard Vad, Gunna Christiansen, Zuzana Valnickova-Hansen, Maria Andreasen, Wojciech Paslawski, Jan J. Enghild, Christopher M. Dobson, Tuomas P. J. Knowles, Jan Skov Pedersen and Daniel Erik Otzen 
    The role of stable α-synuclein oligomers in the molecular events underlying amyloid formation 
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    Spatial propagation of protein polymerisation 
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  • Thomas C.T. Michaels, Alexander K. Buell, Eugene M. Terentjev and Tuomas P.J. Knowles 
    Quantitative Analysis of Diffusive Reactions at the Solid–Liquid Interface in Finite Systems 
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    Expanding the solvent chemical space for self-assembly of dipeptide nanostructures 
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  • Alexander K. Buell, Peter Hung, Xavier Salvatella, Mark E. Welland, Christopher M. Dobson and Tuomas P. J. Knowles 
    Electrostatic effects in filamentous protein aggregation 
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  • Andrea Pica, Antonello Merlino, Alexander K. Buell, Tuomas P.J. Knowles, Elio Pizzod, Giuseppe D'Alessio, Filomena Sica and Lelio Mazzarella 
    3D domain swapping and supramolecular protein assembly: insights from the X-ray structure of a dimeric swapped variant of human pancreatic RNase 
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  • Dorothea Pinotsi, Alexander K. Buell, Christopher M. Dobson, Gabriele S. Kaminski Schierle and Clemens F. Kaminski 
    A Label-Free, Quantitative Assay of Amyloid Fibril Growth Based on Intrinsic Fluorescence 
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    Influence of specific HSP70 domains on fibril formation of the yeast prion protein Ure2 
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    Nanobodies raised against monomeric α-synuclein distinguish between fibrils at different maturation stages 
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  • Alexander K. Buell, Anne Dhulesia, Duncan A. White, Tuomas P.J. Knowles, Christopher M. Dobson, Mark E. Welland 

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  • Alexander K. Buell, Christopher M. Dobson, Mark E. Welland 
    Measuring the kinetics of amyloid fibril elongation using Quartz Crystal Microbalances (QCM) 
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  • Cintia Roodveldt, August Andersson, Erwin J. De Genst, Adahir Labrador-Garrido, Alexander K. Buell, Christopher M. Dobson, Gian Gaetano Tartaglia and Michele Vendruscolo 
    A Rationally Designed Six-Residue Swap Generates Comparability in the Aggregation Behavior of α-Synuclein and β-Synuclein 
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    Binding of the Molecular Chaperone alpha B-Crystallin to Abeta Amyloid Fibrils Inhibits Fibril Elongation 
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  • Yi-Qian Wang, Alexander K. Buell, Xin-Yu Wang, Mark E. Welland, Christopher M. Dobson, Tuomas P.J Knowles, Sarah Perrett 
    Relationship Between Prion Propensity and the Rates of Individual Molecular Steps of Fibril Assembly 
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