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Publications in 2004

  • Elfrink, K and Riesner, D 
    Purification of PrPC. In: Techniques in Prion Research, 
    S. Lehmann and J. Grassi eds. (Basel, Switzerland: Birkhaeuser Verlag) , 4–15 (2004) 
  • Gräf S, Borisova BE, Nellen W, Steger G, Hammann, C 
    A database search for double-strand containing RNAs in Dictyostelium discoideum. 
    Biol. Chem. 385, 961-965 (2004) 
  • Khayat R, Batra R, Bebernitz GA, Olson MW, Tong L 
    Characterization of the monomer-dimer equilibrium of human cytomegalovirus protease by kinetic methods. 
    Biochemistry 43(2), 316-22 (2004) 
  • Leffers KW, Schell J, Jansen K, Lucassen R, Kaimann T, Nagel-Steger L, Tatzelt J, Riesner D 
    The structural transition of the prion protein into its pathogenic conformation is induced by unmasking hydrophobic sites. 
    J Mol Biol 344, 839-853 (2004) 
  • Matoušek J, Orctová L, Steger G, Riesner D 
    Biolistic inoculation of plants with viroid nucleic acids. 
    J. Virol. Methods 122, 153-164 (2004) 
  • Matoušek J, Orctová L, Steger G, Škopek J, Moors M, Dědič P, Riesner D 
    Analysis of thermal stress-mediated PSTVd variation and biolistic inoculation of progeny of viroid "thermomutants" to tomato and Brassica species. 
    Virology 323, 9-23 (2004) 
  • Riesner D 
    No Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies: the prion theory--background and basic information. 
    Contrib Microbiol. 11, 1-13 (2004) 
  • Riesner D, Steger G 
    Viroids and viroid-like agents. 
    Polish J. Pathology 4, 67-78 (2004) 
  • Riesner D, Steger G 
    Temperature-gradient gel-electrophoresis. 
    In Bindereif, A., Hartmann, R., Schön, A. & Westhof, E. (Hrsg.), Handbook of RNA Biochemistry, Wiley-VCH , 398-414 (2004) 
  • Rzepecki P, Nagel-Steger L, Feuerstein S, Linne U, Molt O, Zadmard R, Aschermann K, Wehner M, Schrader T, Riesner D 
    Prevention of Alzheimer's disease-associated Aß aggregation by rationally designed nonpeptidic ß-sheet ligands. 
    J Biol Chem 279, 47497-47505 (2004) 
  • Schmitz, M 
    Change of RNase P function by single base mutation correlates with perturbation of metal ion binding in P4 as determined by NMR spectroscopy. 
    Nucl. Acids Res. 32, 6358-6366 (2004) 
  • Steger, G 
    Secondary Structure Prediction. 
    In Bindereif, A., Hartmann, R., Schön, A. & Westhof, E. (Hrsg.), Handbook of RNA Biochemistry, Wiley-VCH , 513-535 (2004) 
  • Steger, G & Riesner, D 
    Properties of Viroids: Molecular characteristics. 
    In Hadidi, A., Flores, R., Randles, J.W. & Semancik, J.S. (Hrsg.), Viroids, CSIRO Publishing, Australia , 15-29 (2004) 
  • Stoldt M, Kupce E, Rehm BHA, Görlach M 
    Backbone resonance assignemnt of an aminogycoside-3'-phosphotransferase type IIa. 
    J. Biomol. NMR 28, 93-94 (2004) 
  • Willbold D, Koenig BW 
    NMR Analysis of Biopolymer Structure. 
    In 'Physics meets Biology: From Soft Matter to Cell Biology', G. Gompper, UB. Kaupp, JKG Dhont, D Richter, RG Winkler,eds. , B3.1-B3.14 (2004) 
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