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Publikationen in 2008

  • Bailly A, Sovero V, Vincenzetti V, Santelia D, Bartnik D, Koenig BW, Mancuso S, Martinoia E, Geisler M  
    Modulation of P-glycoproteins by auxin transport inhibitors is mediated by interaction with immunophilins.  
    J. Biol. Chem. 283, 21817-26 (2008) 
  • Birkmann E & Riesner D 
    Prion infection – seeded fibrillization or more? 
    Prion 2, 67-72 (2008) 
  • Birkmann E, Funke SA, Riesner D, Willbold D 
    Single particle Detection - a diagnostic tool for particle associated diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, 
    INSTICC, Proceedings of Biosignals 2, 431-436 (2008) 
  • Birkmann E, Henke F, Funke SA, Bannach O, Riesner D, Willbold D 
    A highly sensitive diagnsotic assay for aggregate-related diseases e.g. prion disease and Alzheimer's disease. 
    Rejuvenation Res. 11, 359-363 (2008) 
  • Cisneros D, Oberbarnscheidt L, Pannier A, Klare J, Helenius J, Engelhard M, Oesterhelt F, Müller D J 
    Transducer binding establishes localized interactions that tune sensory rhodopsin II 
    Structure 16, 1206-13 (2008) 
  • Elfrink K, Ollesch J, Stoehr J, Willbold D, Riesner D, Gerwert K 
    Structural changes of PrPc upon membrane anchoring. 
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 105, 10815-10819 (2008) 
  • Funke SA, Birkmann E, Henke F, Görtz P, Lange-Asschenfeldt C, Riesner D, Willbold D 
    An ultra sensitive assay for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. 
    Rejuvenation Res. 11, 315-318 (2008) 
  • Gardiennet C, Loquet A, Etzkorn M, Heise H, Baldus M, Böckmann A 
    Structural constraints for the Crh protein from solid-state NMR experiments. 
    J. Biomol. NMR 40, 239-250. (2008) 
  • Hartmann R, Koenig BW, Stangler T, Willbold D 
    Structural Proteomics: Exploring Protein-Ligand Interactions by Solution NMR. 
    in 'Proteomics Sample Preparation', J. v. Hagen, Wiley-VCH , 273-281 (2008) 
  • Heise H 
    Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Amyloid Proteins. 
    ChemBioChem 9, 179-189 (2008) 
  • Heise H, Celej MS, Becker S, Riedel D, Pelah A, Kumar A, Jovin TM, Baldus M 
    Solid-state NMR reveals structural differences between fibrils of wild-type and disease-related A53T mutant alpha-synuclein 
    J. Mol. Biol. 380, 444-450 (2008) 
  • Kaimann T, Metzger S, Kuhlmann K, Brandt B, Birkmann E, Höltje HD, Riesner D 
    Molecular model of an alpha-helical prion protein dimer and its monomeric subunits as derived from chemical cross-linking and molecular modeling calculations. 
    J.Mol.Biol. 376, 582-596 (2008) 
  • Matoušsek J, Orctová L, ŠSkopek J, Pesšina K, Steger G 
    Elimination of hop latent viroid upon developmental activation of pollen nucleases. 
    Biol. Chem. 389, 905-918 (2008) 
  • Mueller CB, Loman A, Pacheco V, Koberling F, Willbold D, Richtering W, Enderlein J 
    Precise measurement of diffusion by multi-color dual-focus fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. 
    Europhys. Lett. 83, 46001 (2008) 
  • Müller H, Stitz L, Riesner D  
    Prion decontamination during the oleochemical process of fat hydrogenation. 
    Eur J Lipid Sci Technol 110, 392-399 (2008) 
  • Nagel-Steger L, Demeler B, Hochdörfer K, Schrader T, Willbold D 
    Modulation of aggregate size and shape distributions of amyloid-ß peptide solutions by a designed ß-sheet breaker. 
    NIC Workshop 2008 (From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology; CBSB08) Vol. 40, (2008) 
  • Neußer T , Gildehaus N, Wurm R and Wagner R 
    Studies on the expression of 6S RNA from E. coli: involvement of regulators important for stress and growth adaptation. 
    Biol. Chem. 389, 285-297 (2008) 
  • Panza G, Stöhr J, Birkmann E, Riesner D, Willbold D, Baba O, Terashima T, Dumpitak C 
    Aggregation and amyloid fibril formation of the prion protein is accelerated in presence of glycogen. 
    Rejuvenation Res. 11, 365-369 (2008) 
  • Panza G, Stöhr J, Dumpitak C, Papathanassiou D, Weinmann N, Weiß J, Riesner D, Willbold D, Birkmann E 
    Spontaneous and BSE-prion-seeded amyloid formation of full length recombinant bovine Prion Protein. 
    Biochem. Biophys. Research Comm. 373, 493.497 (2008) 
  • Pul U, Lux B, Wurm R, Wagner R 
    Effect of upstream curvature and transcription factors H-NS and LRP on the efficiency of E. coli rRNA promoters P1 and P2 - A phasing analysis. 
    Microbiology 154, 2533-2545 (2008) 
    Highlighted in: Microbiology Today, Hot of the Press Nov 2008 
  • Stöhr J, Weinmann N, Wille H, Kaimann T, Nagel-Steger L, Birkmann E, Panza G, Prusiner SB, Eigen M, Riesner D 
    Mechanisms of prion protein assembly into amyloid. 
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 105, 2409-2414 (2008) 
  • Thielmann Y, Mohrlüder J, Koenig BW, Stangler T, Hartmann R, Becker K, Höltje HD, Willbold D 
    An indole binding site is a major determinant of the ligand specificity of the GABA type A receptor-associated protein GABARAP 
    Chembiochem 9, 1767-1775 (2008) 
  • Tiffert Y, Supra P, Wurm R, Wohlleben W, Wagner R and Reuther J 
    The Streptomyces coelicolor GlnR regulon: identification of new GlnR targets and evidence for a central role of GlnR in nitrogen metabolism in actinomycetes. 
    Mol. Microbiol. 67, 861-880 (2008) 
  • van Groen T, Wiesehan K, Funke SA, Kadish I, Nagel-Steger L, Willbold D 
    Reduction of Alzheimer's disease amyloid plaque load in transgenic mice by D3, a D-enantiomeric peptide identified by mirror image phage display. 
    ChemMedChem 3, 1848-1852 (2008) 
    [This article was evaluated by the faculty of 1000 Biology as a "must read"]  
  • Weiergräber OH, Stangler T, Thielmann Y, Mohrlüder J, Wiesehan K, Willbold D 
    Ligand binding mode of GABAA receptor-associated protein 
    J Mol Biol 381, 1320-1331 (2008) 
  • Wiesehan K, Stöhr J, Nagel-Steger K, van Groen T, Riesner D and Willbold D 
    Inhibition of cytotoxicity and fibril formation by a D-amino acid peptide that specifically binds to Alzheimer's disease amyloid peptide 
    Prot. Eng. Des. Sel. 21, 241-246 (2008) 
  • Wilm A, Linnenbrink K, Steger G 
    ConStruct: improved construction of RNA consensus structures 
    BMC Bioinformatics 9, 219 (2008) 
  • Wittlich M, Koenig BW, Willbold D 
    Structural consequences of phosphorylation of two serine residues in the cytoplasmic domain of HIV-1 VpU. 
    J. Pept. Sci. 14, 804-10 (2008)