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Team AG Etzkorn

Biophysikalische Chemie komplexer Systeme

Principle Investigator

Dr. Manuel Etzkorn

Head of Emmy Noether Research group
Institute of Physical Biology
Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf

Phone: +49 (0)211 81-12023
Email: manuel.etzkorn@hhu.de 

Group members

Jan Borggraefe (PhD Student)


A. How to reverse membrane protein signaling. 

B. Getting proteins into shape. 

Ci Chu (PhD Student)


A. How hormones and neuropeptides talk to their receptor.

B. Enhancing eucaryotic expression.

Shantha Elter (PhD Student)


A. Membrane proteins and how they get into shape. 

B. How to produce proteins that don't like to show up. 

Fatima Escobedo (PhD Student)


A. Characterization of membrane mimetics 
B. High-resolution insights into neuronal signalling

Marcel Falke (PhD Student)


A. Enhancing eucaryotic protein expression for NMR studies.

B. Understanding, using and manipulating eucaryotic membrane systems. 

Dr. Julian Victor (PostDoc)

A. Understanding DNA-mediated catalysis 
B. Improving DNA-mediated catalysis 

Associated group members

Dr. Mohanraj Gopalswamy (PostDoc)

Visiting from the Gohlke lab


A. Structure-based drug design for new Leukemia drugs

We are always looking for highly motivated Master and PhD students as well as Post-doctoral fellows. Candidates with a background in protein biochemistry, biophysical characterization of (membrane) proteins and/or NMR spectroscopy and a strong interest in structural biology are encouraged to apply.

Please contact Dr. Manuel Etzkorn:  for more information and to submit applications.