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Publikationen 2022

  • Amariei DA, Pozhydaieva N, David B, Schneider P, Classen T, Gohlke H, Weiergräber OH, Pietruszka J 
    Enzymatic C3-Methylation of Indoles Using Methyltransferase PsmD─Crystal Structure, Catalytic Mechanism, and Preparative Applications 
    ACS Catal 12, 14130-14139 (2022) 
  • Bartl, J. and Zanini, M. and Bernardi, F. and Forget, A. and Blümel, L. and Talbot, J. and Picard D, Qin N, Cancila G, Gao Q, Nath S, Koumba IM, Wolter M, Kuonen F, Langini M, Beez, T, Munoz C, Pauck D, Marquardt V, Yu H, Souphron J, Korsch M, Mölders C, Berger D, Göbbels S, Meyer FD, Scheffler B, Rotblat B, Diederichs S, Ramaswamy V, Suzuki H, Oro A, Stühler K, Stefanski A, Fischer U, Leprivier G, Willbold D, Steger G, Buell A, Kool M, Lichter P, Pfister SM, Northcott PA, Taylor MD, Borkhardt A, Reifenberger G, Ayrault O, Remke M 
    The HHIP-AS1 lncRNA promotes tumorigenicity through stabilization of dynein complex 1 in human SHH-driven tumors. 
    Nat. Commun . 13, 4061 (2022) 
  • Borggräfe J, Etzkorn M 
    Solution NMR Spectroscopy as a Tool to Study DNAzyme Structure and Function. 
    Methods in Molecular Biology 2439, 131-151 (2022) 
  • Borggräfe J, Victor J, Rosenbach H, Viegas A, Gertzen CGW, Wuebben C, Kovacs H, Gopalswamy M, Riesner D, Steger G, Schiemann O, Gohlke H, Span I, Etzkorn M  
    Time-resolved structural analysis of an RNA-cleaving DNA catalyst. 
    Nature 601, 144-149 (2022) 
  • Braczynski AK, Sevenich M, Gering I, Kupreichyk T, Agerschou ED, Kronimus Y, Habib P, Stoldt M, Willbold D, Schulz JB, Bach JP, Falkenburger BH, Hoyer W 
    Alpha-synuclein-specific naturally occurring antibodies inhibit aggregation in vitro and in vivo 
    Biomolecules 12, 469 (2022) 
  • Brown H, Chung M, Üffing A, Batistatou N, Tsang T, Doskocil S, Mao W, Willbold D, Bast RC Jr, Lu Z, Weiergräber OH, Kritzer JA 
    Structure-Based Design of Stapled Peptides That Bind GABARAP and Inhibit Autophagy 
    J Am Chem Soc 144, 14687-14697 (2022) 
  • Etzkorn M 
    Atomare Einblicke in die Dynamik der Membransysteme und der Biokatalyse. 
    Biospektrum 28, 30-33 (2022) 
  • Florian Bleffert, Joachim Granzin, Muttalip Caliskan, Stephan N Schott-Verdugo, Meike Siebers, Björn Thiele, Laurence Rahme, Sebastian Felgner, Peter Dörmann, Holger Gohlke* , Renu Batra-Safferling*, Karl-Erich Jaeger, Filip Kovacic* 
    Structural, mechanistic, and physiological insights into phospholipase A-mediated membrane phospholipid degradation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 
    eLife 11, e72824 (2022) 
  • Glueck D, Grethen A, Das M, Mmeka OP, Perez Patallo E, Meister A, Rajender R, Ahlhelm J, Kins S, Raeschle M, Victor J, Etzkorn M, Koeck Z, Bernhard F, Babalola JO, Vargas C, Keller S 
    Electroneutral polymer nanodiscs enable interference-free probing of membrane proteins in a lipid-bilayer environment  
    Small 18, 2202492 (2022) 
  • Gopalswamy M, Kroeger T, Bickel D, Frieg B, Akter S, Schott-Verdugo S, Viegas A, Pauly T, Mayer M, Przibilla J, Reiners J, Nagel-Steger L, Smits SHJ, Groth G, Etzkorn M, Gohlke H 
    Biophysical and pharmacokinetic characterization of a small-molecule inhibitor of RUNX1/ETO tetramerization with anti-leukemic effects. 
    Sci Rep 12, 1-18 (2022) 
  • Hemmer S, Schulte M, Knieps-Grünhagen E, Granzin J, Willbold D, Jaeger KE, Batra-Safferling R, Panwalkar V, Krauss U. 
    Residue alterations within a conserved hydrophobic pocket influence light, oxygen, voltage photoreceptor dark recovery. 
    Photochem Photobiol Sci , (2022) 
  • Huwa N, Weiergräber OH, Fejzagić AV, Kirsch C, Schaffrath U, Classen T 
    The Crystal Structure of the Defense Conferring Rice Protein OsJAC1 Reveals a Carbohydrate Binding Site on the Dirigent-like Domain 
    Biomolecules 12, 1126 (2022) 
  • Kass B, Schemmert S, Zafiu C, Pils M, Bannach O, Kutzsche J, Bujnicki T, Willbold D. 
    Aβ oligomer concentration in mouse and human brain and its drug-induced reduction ex vivo. 
    Cell Rep Med. 3(5):100630, (2022) 
  • Kirchgässler N, Rosenbach H, Span I 
    Stability and Activity of the 10–23 DNAzyme Under Molecular Crowding Conditions. 
    Methods in Molecular Biology 2439, 79-89 (2022) 
  • Maity D, Oh Y, Gremer L, Hoyer W, Magzoub M, Hamilton AD 
    Cucurbit[7]uril inhibits islet amyloid polypeptide aggregation by targeting N terminus hot segments and attenuates cytotoxicity 
    Chemistry , e202200456 (2022) 
  • Matoušek J, Steger G 
    The Splicing Variant TFIIIA-7ZF of Viroid-Modulated Transcription Factor IIIA Causes Physiological Irregularities in Transgenic Tobacco and Transient Somatic Depression of “Degradome” Characteristic for Developing Pollen. 
    Cells 11, (2022) 
  • Nedaei H, Rezaei-Ghaleh N, Giller K, Becker S, Karami L, Moosavi-Movahedi AA, Griesinger C, Saboury AA 
    The calcium-free form of atorvastatin inhibits amyloid-β(1-42) aggregation in vitro 
    J Biol Chem 298, 101662 (2022) 
  • Pantoja CF, Zweckstetter M, Rezaei-Ghaleh N 
    Dynamical component exchange in a model phase separating system: an NMR-based approach 
    Phys Chem Chem Phys 24, 6169-6175 (2022) 
  • Rafiei Y, Salmani B, Mirzaei-Behbahani B, Taleb M, Meratan AA, Ramezani M, Nikfarjam N, Becker S, Rezaei-Ghaleh N 
    Polyphenols-Based Nanosheets of Propolis Modulate Cytotoxic Amyloid Fibril Assembly of α-Synuclein 
    ACS Chem Neurosci 13, 3168-3179 (2022) 
  • Rahban M, Zolghadri S, Salehi N, Ahmad F, Haertlé T, Rezaei-Ghaleh N, Sawyer L, Saboury AA 
    Thermal stability enhancement: Fundamental concepts of protein engineering strategies to manipulate the flexible structure 
    Int J Biol Macromol 214, 642-654 (2022) 
  • Rezaei-Ghaleh N 
    Water Dynamics in Highly Concentrated Salt Solutions: A Multi-Nuclear NMR Approach 
    ChemistryOpen 11, e202200080 (2022) 
  • Rezaei-Ghaleh N, Agudo-Canalejo J, Griesinger C, Golestanian R 
    Molecular Diffusivity of Click Reaction Components: The Diffusion Enhancement Question 
    J Am Chem Soc 144, 1380-1388 (2022) 
  • Rezaei-Ghaleh N, Agudo-Canalejo J, Griesinger C, Golestanian R 
    Response to Comment on "Following Molecular Mobility during Chemical Reactions: No Evidence for Active Propulsion" and "Molecular Diffusivity of Click Reaction Components: The Diffusion Enhancement Question" 
    J Am Chem Soc 144, 13441-13445 (2022) 
  • Rosenbach H, Span I 
    Obtaining Crystals of Nucleic Acids in Complex with the Protein U1A Using the Soaking Method 
    Methods in Molecular Biology 2439, 105-115 (2022) 
  • Rosenbach H, Steger G 
    Fluorescence-Based Kinetic Measurements for RNA-Cleaving DNAzymes 
    Methods in Molecular Biology 2439, 65-77 (2022) 
  • Sevenich M, Honold D, Willuweit A, Kutzsche J, Mohrlüder J, Willbold D. 
    Development of an α-synuclein fibril and oligomer specific tracer for diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies and multiple system atrophy.  
    Neurochem Int. 161, 105422 (2022) 
  • Sieme D, Griesinger C, Rezaei-Ghaleh N 
    Metal Binding to Sodium Heparin Monitored by Quadrupolar NMR 
    Int J Mol Sci 23, 13185 (2022) 
  • Steger G 
    Predicting the Structure of a Viroid: Structure, Structure Distribution, Consensus Structure, and Structure Drawing 
    Methods in Molecular Biology 2316, 331-371 (2022) 
  • Steger G, Rosenbach H, Span I (Eds) 
    Methods in Molecular Biology 2439, (2022) 
  • Steger G, Victor J 
    Design of a DNAzyme 
    Methods in Molecular Biology 2439, 47-63 (2022) 
  • Törner R, Kupreichyk T, Gremer L, Debled EC, Fenel D, Schemmert S, Gans P, Willbold D, Schoehn G, Hoyer W, Boisbouvier J 
    Structural basis for the inhibition of IAPP fibril formation by the co-chaperonin prefoldin 
    Nat Commun 13, 2363 (2022) 
  • Törner R, Kupreichyk T, Hoyer W, Boisbouvier J 
    The role of heat shock proteins in preventing amyloid toxicity 
    Front Mol Biosci 9, 1045616 (2022) 
  • Weiergräber OH, Petrović D, Kislat A, Pattky M, Fabig J, Batra-Safferling R, Schulte am Esch J, Hänel K, Huhn C, Strodel B, Homey B, Willbold D 
    Structure and Dynamics of Human Chemokine CCL16—Implications for Biological Activity 
    Biomolecules 12, 1588 (2022) 
  • Wüsthoff K, Steger G 
    Conserved Motifs and Domains in Members of Pospiviroidae 
    Cells 11, 230 (2022)