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Publikationen in 2009

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  • Fu Y, Bannach O, Chen H, Teune JH, Schmitz A, Steger G, Xiong L, Barbazuk WB 
    Alternative Splicing of Anciently Exonized 5S rRNA Regulates Plant Transcription Factor TFIIIA. 
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  • Funke SA, Birkmann E, Willbold D 
    Detection of Amyloid-β aggregates in body fluids: A suitable method for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's diesease? 
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  • Funke SA, Willbold D 
    Mirror image phage display - a method to generate D-peptide ligands for use in diagnostic or therapeutical applications? 
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    Integral membrane proteins in nanodiscs can be studied by solution NMR spectroscopy. 
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  • Görtz P, Opatz J, Siebler M, Funke SA, Willbold D, Lange-Asschenfeldt C 
    Transient reduction of spontaneous neuronal network activity by sublethal amyloid beta (1-42) peptide concentrations. 
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  • Karpinar DP, Balija MBG, Kügler S, Opazo F, Rezaei-Ghaleh N, Bender N, Kim HY, Taschenberger G, Falkenburger BH, Heise H, Kumar A, Riedel D, Fichtner L, Voigt A, Braus GH, Giller K, Becker S, Herzig A, Baldus M, Jäckle H, Eimer S, Schulz JB, Griesinger C, Zweckstetter M 
    Pre-fibrillar a-Synuclein Variants with Impaired beta-Structure Increase Neurotoxicity in Parkinson`s Disease Models 
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  • Leliveld SR, Hendriks P, Michel M, Sajnani G, Bader V, Trossbach S, Prikulis I, Hartmann R, Jonas E, Willbold D, Requena JR, Korth C 
    Oligomer assembly of the C-terminal DISC1 domain (640-854) is controlled by self-association motifs and disease-associated polymorphism S704C. 
    Biochemistry 48, 7746-7755 (2009) 
  • Mangels C, Frank AO, Ziegler J, Klingenstein R, Schweimer K, Willbold D, Korth C, Rösch P, Schwarzinger S 
    Binding of TCA to the prion protein: mechanism, implication for therapy, and application as probe for complex formation of bio-macromolecules. 
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  • Mohrlüder J, Schwarten M, Willbold D 
    Structure and potential function of gamma-aminobutyrate type A receptor-associated protein 
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  • Müller-Schiffman A, Petsch B, Leliveld SR, Muyrers J,Salwierz A, Mangels C, Schwarzinger S, Riesner D, Stitz L, Korth C 
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  • Schlenzig D, Manhart S, Cinar Y, Willbold D, Funke SA, Kleinschmidt M, Hause G, Schilling S, Demuth H-U 
    Pyroglutamate formation influences solubility and amyloidenicity of amyloid peptides. A driving force in different neurodegenerative disorders? 
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  • Schünke S, Stoldt M, Novak K, Kaupp UB, Willbold D 
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  • Schwarten M, Mohrlüder J, Ma P, Stoldt M, Thielmann Y, Stangler T, Hersch N, Hoffmann B, Merkel R, Willbold D 
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  • Schwarten M, Stoldt M, Mohrlüder J, Willbold D 
    Sequence-specific 1H, 13C, and 15N resonance assignment of the autophagy-related protein Atg8 
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  • Thielmann Y, Weiergräber OH, Ma P, Schwarten M, Mohrlüder J, Willbold D 
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